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Melon with Spanish Jamón


There’s one tapas that I like getting the best when out for a drink. Okay, okay, it’s anything with carbs in it. But other than mini pasta dishes and some sort of mystery rice concoction, there’s one tapas that really surprised me when I was served it because it was so fresh and unexpected. That tapas is melon with jamón.

I love melon and I’m a big fan of Spanish ham as well. But I didn’t think about combining the two until one sunny afternoon when I was having a wine at a terrace. The tapas that was served was a slate of cut melon with slices of jamón on top. It was delicious and so refreshing on a hot afternoon.

This can easily be an appetizer, side dish, or afternoon snack. It’s thrown together in minutes, and tastes incredible with the sweetness from the melon and saltiness from the jamón.


Melon with jamón serrano

Melon with Spanish Jamón
Sweet and salty
  1. 1 melon
  2. 200 grams of Spanish jamón serrano (prosciutto would be fine also)
  1. Cut the melon into bite size pieces and place one thin slice of ham on top of each bite
  2. Optional: place a toothpick into the melon to hold the ham in place
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